On the Mat: Stepping Stones

[Life is] “a journey where each point of arrival turned out to be a stepping stone rather than a destination.” Seamus Heaney, an Irish poet, playwright, and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature wrote this sentiment. I found it written in a card sent to me by my best friend in 2009. I share … Continue reading

Wellness for any Age

As our population ages, practicing wellness becomes ever more important. Working with seniors has challenged my teaching practice. I’ve learned to slow down and listen not only to their words but also to their bodies. Here are three things I’ve learned from working with seniors – applied here specifically to wellness practices, but applicable in … Continue reading

On the Mat: Locating Your “Core”

As dancers, we have heard teachers tell us for years to “move from your core” or “engage your core.” Your muscles may have memorized a series of actions that make you move more strongly or with greater movement potential, convincing your teachers that you are following their instructions. Perhaps you can even indicate where you … Continue reading

On the Mat: Clear Your Mat, Open Your Mind

Something about the start of a New Year makes me want to eliminate clutter, reorganize files, and start fresh in my home environment. I am a minimalist by nature, but even I have been in a whirlwind space-clearing mood for the last week or so. I look forward to letting go of possessions I no … Continue reading

Inflight Yoga, with Shayne Cahalan

Welcome onboard Flight 484, now departing for LAX. My name is Shayne, and I will be your Inflight yoga instructor today. Life has a funny way of working itself out. Less than a week after my Mind Body Dancer graduation, I began training to become an Inflight Crewmember with jetBlue Airways. JetBlue is an amazing … Continue reading

On the Mat: A Lesson from Fire

As organic creatures born of the elements of water, air, fire, and earth, we also become the proud carriers of these elements throughout our lifetime. A balance of our elements keeps us healthy and allows us to function. The element of fire is connected with passion, warmth, and intensity. Some of us carry more fire … Continue reading

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    Our founder @taramarieperri is featured in this month’s Retreat issue of DVEIGHT Magazine!  The perfect read for this snowy Sunday morning. 
Repost @dveightmag:
#Ruralist: "We’re made up of space, air, fire, water and earth. In the Northeast we experience the seasons with distinction and have an incredible opportunity to observe how the cycles and rhythms of the seasons change both around us and within us. During the winter, the body, like the natural world, is weak from fall’s death cycle and needs winter’s deep rest to reinforce its strength for spring. Winter holds a special opportunity for introspection. Trees and animals are always showing us how to live. In the winter they retreat and hibernate. The cold also encourages us to stay indoors so we can explore the benefits of quiet and stillness—to make time to develop and engage in self-care." - TaraMarie Perri, founder of @perriinstitute (📷 @pbcrosby | interview @jillianschein) Join @luminousarchitecture tonight at 6:30pm in Union Square for this week’s Fall Seasonal Yoga Series. Register on our website.
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