Mind Body Brew is a space for pondering, working through, revisiting, and deliberating. We delight in the examination of that which we think we already know and the sharing of knowledge.  We don’t claim to have everything figured out. Rather, we aim to plant seeds that can lead to careful thought and consequential choices. We invite you to join us in our exploration of yoga, art, dance, anatomy, and living a mindful life.

This is the official blog of The Perri Institute for Mind and Body, home of MBD®/Mind Body Dancer, an ever-growing community of yoga teachers and students founded by TaraMarie Perri.

4 Responses to “Mission”
  1. Jennifer Butler Basile says:

    I love the space you’ve created and the thoughtful way you investigate things. Please accept my nomination for The Liebster Award. Get more information by clicking on the link below.


    Thank you!

  2. I love this mission~ Communal Self-Study.

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    Our Yoga Pedagogy students are headed upstate for a weekend retreat in Callicoon, NY! Repost @taramarieperri
See you soon, Callicoon! @perriinstitute Yoga Pedagogy students are returning this weekend for Spring study and retreat. I'll be taking them on some adventures in my upstate happy home. Thanks for hosting them last time,@callicoontrading! This time they're camping out with the beautiful weather ahead! @maisonbergogne @neststore @mayerwasner @onegrandbooks @thelaundrette @northbranchinn @adelladoricafe @callicoonwinemerchant @beachlakebakery @callicoonfarmersmarket #sangha #countryliving #doingthesplit #yoga #ayurveda #perriinstitute #sullivancounty Repost @taramarieperri || Table set and ready for upstate Women's Work: Winter Series. Tonight we begin our session with the traditional sadhanas of making ghee and grinding spices. #winter #womenswork #ayurveda #sadhana #earth #practice #ancientwisdom #divinefeminine
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