Sun Salutation

The following is a blog post from early summer 2012.  It felt like a good time to salute the sun again as it re-enters our daily lives with the Spring season. Also, this topic has come up again in recent classes so look for a future post which explores this concept in a different way. … Continue reading

On the Mat: Journey With the Teacher, Part III

Have you been following the journey so far? Check out Part I, the story of my very first yoga class experience, and Part II, making the connection between yoga and dance. Part III shares why teaching became central to my professional life. I also reflect on how my time “on the mat” continuously sharpens my teaching skills … Continue reading

On the Mat: Journey With the Teacher, Part II

In Part I, I told the story of my very first yoga class experience. In Part II, I wanted to share how yoga began to enter my life as a professional dancer. This post discusses some of the connections between yoga and dance that are at the heart of why I began to dive deeper … Continue reading

On the Mat: Journey With the Teacher, Part I

Over the next few weeks, we at mindbodybrew will be sharing a previously published series called “Journey with the Teacher”, sharing my journey from beginning student to teacher of the honored and ancient practice of yoga. Through this series, I also will offer advice and considerations for how to approach your practice and for selecting the … Continue reading

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    Our founder @taramarieperri is featured in this month’s Retreat issue of DVEIGHT Magazine!  The perfect read for this snowy Sunday morning. 
Repost @dveightmag:
#Ruralist: "We’re made up of space, air, fire, water and earth. In the Northeast we experience the seasons with distinction and have an incredible opportunity to observe how the cycles and rhythms of the seasons change both around us and within us. During the winter, the body, like the natural world, is weak from fall’s death cycle and needs winter’s deep rest to reinforce its strength for spring. Winter holds a special opportunity for introspection. Trees and animals are always showing us how to live. In the winter they retreat and hibernate. The cold also encourages us to stay indoors so we can explore the benefits of quiet and stillness—to make time to develop and engage in self-care." - TaraMarie Perri, founder of @perriinstitute (📷 @pbcrosby | interview @jillianschein) Join @luminousarchitecture tonight at 6:30pm in Union Square for this week’s Fall Seasonal Yoga Series. Register on our website.
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