New Year’s Mantra

Breathe in. Breathe out. Move on. What a perfect mantra. Simple, yet sound. Tapping into the essence of our lives – that breath that constantly rolls forward, just as we carry on in age, experience, and physical locale. This particular mantra surfaced on the backside of a bracelet my best friend from childhood gifted me … Continue reading

Monday Mantra: Silent Night

“Though my soul may set in darkness 
it will rise in perfect light. 
I have loved the stars too fondly 
to be fearful of the night.”
 – Sarah Williams Young children are often fearful of the night and adults report that their deepest fears present themselves in early morning hours.  You may have personally experienced … Continue reading

Facts (and Snow) on the Ground

Last week I intended take a morning Yoga with Mind Body Dancer® class at Steps on Broadway. I woke up early, packed up for the day, and set out into the snowy morning with a skip in my step.  Unlike a majority of New Yorkers, it seems, the sight of falling snow instantly lifts my … Continue reading

Letting Go

“And here is the most challenging part of your practice today: Let it go.” The famous last words of a Mind Body Dancer class I took recently. I had to let out a laugh because until she said those words, I didn’t realize how tense I was. We had just finished working towards a very … Continue reading

Monday Mantra: Kind

“One kind word can warm three winter months.” – Japanese Proverb In looking for inspiring quotes about the upcoming Winter season, I came across this proverb. The sentiment appears simple and concise at first. However, I enjoyed a long meditation after reading it and my mind went in several directions about how to interpret and … Continue reading

Becoming Your Winter Self

As we enter the winter juncture period before the season begins, have you noticed any changes in your body?  Whether your nature thrives during the winter season or not, what is happening to the condition of your hair, skin, and energy level? Over the last few years, the process of watching how the nature of … Continue reading

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