Facts (and Snow) on the Ground

Last week I intended take a morning Yoga with Mind Body Dancer® class at Steps on Broadway. I woke up early, packed up for the day, and set out into the snowy morning with a skip in my step.  Unlike a majority of New Yorkers, it seems, the sight of falling snow instantly lifts my … Continue reading

On the Mat: A Lesson from Fire

As organic creatures born of the elements of water, air, fire, and earth, we also become the proud carriers of these elements throughout our lifetime. A balance of our elements keeps us healthy and allows us to function. The element of fire is connected with passion, warmth, and intensity. Some of us carry more fire … Continue reading

Your Sustainable New Year Resolution: One Day at a Time

This time of year is tricky. Expectations that often are not met abound. We are attracted to the “shiny and new” as gifts pass hands, and tend to make plans for massive changes to the way we live. The thing is nothing stays shiny and new for long – we can forget why we were … Continue reading

Curvaceous Pathways

This weekend’s post is inspired by a tangent my “practice brain” went on after Alex Schell (one of our Mind Body Dancer teachers) presented a spine theme this week. Alex encouraged us to remember what the spine looked like inside the body. While cues often are given for length, she reminded us that we must … Continue reading

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