Off the Grid: New Zealand

IMAGINE mountains of volcanic ash. Emerald thermal pools, so pure that their vivid greens and blues reflect the towering mountains above. Spider webs straddling neighboring bushes, their translucent threads so fine yet so magnificently intricate in their weavings. Mud pools bubbling, popping, and plopping, fuming beside bursting geysers. Caves so cavernous your floating tube of … Continue reading

On the Mat: Summer Intensive Restorative Pose #4

Upper neck and shoulders dominated recent aches for my NYU Tisch Dance summer crew. This week’s posture is complex and delivers both stretch and space for the upper and lower body. It is a fun one to say in Sanskrit, Gomukhasana, and to “see” per its English translation, Cow Face Pose. If you look at … Continue reading

On the Mat: Summer Intensive Restorative Pose #3

Who doesn’t love a twist? This restorative twist posture is a favorite request with the NYU Tisch Dance students. Summer Intensive Restorative Pose #3: Aside from its cozy “tucked in” quality, this prone twist offers spine decompression. Back body expansion in the shoulders and pelvis are added, welcome benefits. The degree of twisting can be … Continue reading

On the Mat: Summer Intensive Restorative Pose #2

Hip flexor and lower back woes continue for the NYU Tisch Dance Summer Residency students this week. Maybe they do for you too? Yoga to the rescue! Summer Intensive Restorative Pose #2: Always an excellent restorative posture to begin or end a yoga practice, I offer you Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Restorative Bridge Pose) using a … Continue reading

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