Monday Mantra: Playful


The following piece was written by Brianna Goodman, copy and features editor for MindBodyBrew. Brianna teaches yoga with The Perri Institute for Mind and Body in New York City. She currently attends Fordham University, where she is pursuing a degree in English and Creative Writing, with a minor in Communications.

“It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes.” -Thomas Aquinas

School’s out for the summer, and the city’s playgrounds are bustling with children celebrating their freedom. One doesn’t have to walk far to hear the sounds of children laughing, singing, and calling excitedly to one another. Mimicking a child’s boundless energy might seem tiresome to an over-worked, over-scheduled adult–but are there moments throughout our day when we too can step back from our work, call a friend, grab a game, and relish some time of laughter and play?

Can we also find ways to be playful in our yoga practice? Moments when our practice can become a little less than serious? When we catch ourselves furrowing our eyebrows in a high lunge, or holding our breath in a tricky arm balance, can we take a deep breath, laugh quietly to ourselves, and find a greater sense of ease in this instance of play?

What playful summer activities do you incorporate into your week? How do you find moments of laughter in your yoga practice?

Brianna Goodman


Photo by BMiz

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