Monday Mantra: Taking the Leap

Le Saut sans le vide (Leap Into the Void) by Yves Klein

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”
― Kurt Vonnegut

I have dedicated September and October as time to celebrate the freedom of my creative spirit. I have never been afraid of taking risks. However, I can still forget on occasion that to be truly productive and creative means that you also must be willing to recognize obstacles that could forcefully dictate your path or require that you to stay on level ground. When you have a mission to follow and a passion to fuel, you must jump over and over again. As I embark on new creative adventures this Fall, I will take along Vonnegut’s wisdom and Klein’s famous image to help me remember that only new realities and personal growth can come from taking a leap of faith.

What do you think of this image and/or quote? How might you apply the challenge to “jump” in your life?

– TaraMarie

6 Responses to “Monday Mantra: Taking the Leap”
  1. I see the challenge of “jumping” as doing something uncomfortable. It’s leaving the comfort zone to enter the unknown..because isn’t that where the magic happens?

  2. Liz says:

    Yesterday I was reading a list of how to kick-ass at life (actually a very thoughtful list, despite what you might imagine at the title!), and one that stuck out to me in reading then and is brought to mind by this idea of leaping is the idea that we must re-evaluate and check in with our hearts often. The writer of the list expressed that goals change, dreams evolve. She encouraged us to not be afraid to alter our plans and make new choices. Fresh starts always feel like leaps to me, but to make a new choice that redirects our path…that seems like an even larger split. I like hearing about all this in September, when life seems to seethe with new possibility.

    • mindbodybrew says:

      Goals change and dreams evolve…yes, the do! If we are being truly creative, we know that change and choices must be part of it. It also brings up the question in so many of our shared creative worlds why we are trying to create a permanent scenario when art cannot thrive in such an environment.

      • Mathew James says:

        “Goals change and dreams evolve…,” how profoundly confrontational? A confrontation I am currently faced with. it is posts likes these, words like these that I am able to grasp the notion that my creative being is evolving and in order for me to flourish as an artist and my art to continue to expand I mustn’t try to create this “permanent scenario.” A permanent scenario sounds quit limiting to me… With new opportunities being presented to me as the seasons are changing I am hoping to use this perspective and take a “big jump” and allow myself to take risk in areas of creativity I wouldn’t normally pursue.

  3. Callie says:

    “Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – – (this post reminds me of that Anais Nin quote.)

    We jump off cliffs constantly. Life changes; it moves and evolves. We MUST jump in order to not be left behind, to jump because the skin we live in becomes too tight and uncomfortable.

    I apply it by saying YES. Each time we say Yes to an unpredictable future, it is JUMPING, it is TRUST.

  4. Marissa says:

    Super inspirational quote and what a fantastic image. This is something I’m finding increasingly important in my creative and artistic work. What’s been difficult for me in the past is taking risks and not feeling worried about what others think of my risks and artistic choices. I’m making this academic year the “year of me”- trying to find liberation from my fears of what others think while maintaing a sense of curiosity and play in my artistic choices. What a perfect quote to fuel the fire that’s been sparking inside of me recently.

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