Take a Summer Pause and Pose

goofy drawing MBB

What is it about the days of August that make us feel like summer is ending?

Everyone starts small-talking about how quickly it all went by. Every year right around August 15th, we feel a shift in the light and air. I often wonder if this has something to do with our many years of back-to-school programming; do we will it to happen because we remember school is around the corner, or do we notice it happening through the changes our senses pick up?

These last days of August always make me think of packed lunches with handwritten notes from my Mum, bright yellow school buses, and the scent of new school supplies.

But wait! Why do we rush?

After all, summer doesn’t officially end until the third week in September. We have plenty of time yet to spend playing. Summer slows us down so we can find clarity before flying into fall mode. Have you found clarity on anything you were milling over after spring’s fury of new beginnings? If not, you may want to spend a beautiful sunset or two with those thoughts and see what clears away for you to make space for a rich harvest.

What will you do to celebrate and eek out every ounce of this season’s goodness? Walks, meals outside, daytrips to the beach, BBQ grilling: summer fun does have to eventually end to make room for fall adventures, but don’t pack it up before it’s ready to go!

I suggest a low-to-the-ground, Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall Pose) to reap the benefits of relaxation during these last summer days. Rest your legs up the wall and lean back into the supportive earth. We will all be greeting the earth soon with fall’s new energy, but for now, why not kick your feet up in the air with cooling summer spirit?

Viparita Karani is calling to me these days, and I hope you enjoy practicing it as well. Here are some tips for practicing Viparita Karani so you can spend some quality time there:

1. Fold up a yoga blanket or use a yoga block and place it underneath your pelvis for the support and comfort of your sacrum while you recline.

2. Imagine your tailbone tipping slightly off the end of either prop to get good prop placement.

3. Take a yoga strap and belt it around the middle of your thighs (not your knees!), not too tightly.

4. Make sure your legs fall in line with each hip.

5. It might take a few adjustments to wiggle in close enough to the wall to create an L shape, but once you get there let the wall and the earth hold you up. Notice if you are still trying to hold up your legs or are gripping your shoulders. Let them go and you’ll find support for both!

6 Lie back for several minutes while practicing easy, natural breathing.

7. Take your time coming out of the pose by rolling to your right side and carrying your calm with you as you come upright.

I hope you like my personal sketchbook interpretation of the posture!

– TaraMarie Perri


One Response to “Take a Summer Pause and Pose”
  1. Elise P says:

    It’s interesting to read this particular post a full two months after it was initially posted. It’s currently September 19th, and guess what? It’s STILL summer. And as TM has pointed out, everyone has seemingly been in “fall mode” for a full month at this point. While September does remind me of the back to school sentiments as posted above, it also reminds me of stress. With each year that passes, autumn brings more and more responsibilities and because of this pattern, we feel the need to get a jump start on things. It’s a vicious cycle. I have fallen particularly guilty of this habit during these past few months and this post just reminded me to slow way down. Things will happen as they happen. And I’m sure that once fall is here, I’ll be longing for those summer days again. This has been such a reminder to live in the present and stop worrying about what has or will happen. Thanks TM!

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