Monday Mantra: Perspective


“We spend an inordinate amount of time reliving our past and being anxious about our future. In between those two, like a little dot, we have this exact moment where, actually, if you really look at it, is totally anxiety free.” – David Nichtern

Passing on a little slice of perspective just in time to tame our abundance of Spring energies. Sometimes, we can get really lost. If we find ourselves in the present moment, we will always know exactly where we are. Who doesn’t need this reminder from time to time?

– TaraMarie Perri

6 Responses to “Monday Mantra: Perspective”
  1. CallieRitter says:

    We need this reminder all the time!

    Eckhart Tolle said “what problem do you have AT THIS MOMENT?” I have to stop and think really hard to find an honest answer to that one.

    Not that you really want to breath in the lovely air of a subway car, but lately I’ve been playing the pranayama game of counting my breath on the commute. I’m amazed how quickly I find my breath shortening when my mind begins to wander somewhere (or some time) other than here. It always feels slightly anxious.
    – – However – –
    Sometimes I hate being aware on the commute because it’s just not a pleasant place to experience the NOW in! But counting helps narrow the focus, and somehow I can easier accept the present because of it.

  2. Caitlyn Johansen says:

    I often find myself so excited about my education that I slide out of the present moment and into my books or computer. I find myself standing waiting for the train, holding my lap top in the crook of one elbow, and typing with the other hand.

    I also sometimes catch myself walking downstairs while reading a book.

    I often hurl my thoughts into the future because I am excited by the prospect of learning more.

    These are both terrible ideas. Do not try them, ever.The more tasks we ask our mind to execute at once. The less focus we place on each task.

    This example comes to mind- The more people you offer pie to the smaller each person’s pie slice becomes.

    That’s all I’ve got.

    Life is like pie.


  3. Jonathan Matthews says:

    Knowing where we are is a great target, as I always tend to harp on how on earth point A got to point B without appreciating the presence in both. In music theory, we spend soooooooooo much time analyzing what goes into four measly measures of music (what is that, 2 seconds? how many metric moments are in a second??) It’s one practice I have that overwhelmingly exposes the infinite amount of detail, beyond the imagining of anyone who orchestrated that detail in the first place, that a slice of time contains.

  4. Ahhhh, love being reminded of this! Sometimes intuitively, I stop in the middle of my wheels spinning and my anxiety rising and wonder, “what is all this fuss, really about?”. If I can stop myself, even for that moment, I have a temporary lapse of anxiety and stress and I realize that everything is really okay. Sometimes, this is even accompanied by a sense of gratitude. I love the possibility of arriving at the present moment with gratitude – especially in a city where we are often looking through the “windows of others” with a sense of want and lack, with an anxiety of what our future holds or doesn’t.

  5. Mathew James says:

    I had to specifically search for this post. I needed to return to this particular “Monday Mantra” (I’ve been following the blog for quite some time in silence ha 😉 but when I first read the words of David Nichtern I connected deeply to his message and his reminder about the present moment, which exists, anxiety free. Too often I find myself entangled in my spiral of anxiety and worry, but with consciousness and a small reminder that in between my past and future worries, I am present. I stand; anxiety free. This also feels particularly prevelant as we are transitioning into Fall and the everyday tides are once again changing. New challenges are arising, and unfinished business from the past seasons still seem to be lingering, but I will try to remember that I can be fully present in the current moment without getting lost in either ends of the spectrum. And I will revisit this “Monday Mantra” as many times as necessary for its wise reminder.

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