Thanksgiving Throwback: 10 Minutes

On the Mat stopwatch

A throwback to our post on Thanksgiving of last year – my, how quickly a year flies by! – with the hope that its simple suggestion offers the chance for a momentary rest from the holiday craze that has already erupted our streets, stores, and gatherings of family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

This week’s tip is a little different.

You may expect me to share a posture for detox after big Thanksgiving meals or even offer a mantra for gratitude.

Instead, this week I encourage you to take 10 minutes somewhere in your busy schedule, whether you are spending time with family and friends or not, and just sit alone. Grab a cup of tea or hot cider and find a cozy, relaxing space and sit by yourself, with yourself.

No need to meditate. No need to have a purpose or a discovery or even a result. No expectations!

You might be surprised what just 10 minutes spent alone brings to you.


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Throwback: 10 Minutes”
  1. CallieRitter says:

    It’s amazing how hard that ten minutes can be…with no plan, no goal, no purpose other than to be with yourself.

  2. Molly McSherry says:

    I find myself feeling the same, Callie!
    Somehow I go on everyday, without ever spending time WITH myself…

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