Monday Mantra: Gratitude


” I already have everything I need.”

It is easy in today’s consumer culture to live in a constant state of wanting. You might find yourself wanting a better apartment or wishing to get a new dress for an event. You set your eyes on the newest phone model or the latest gadget for your techie life. The reality is that you probably already have everything you need. These “wanting” thoughts are distractions from the work that can be done to create real change through intention, work, relationships, and connecting with others. The accumulation of more things only creates clutter. Simplicity in living brings about many freedoms. And it is the type of freedom you cannot purchase. The result of this practice is quality of life.

Try it.  It works!  

When caught in a moment of wanting, say this mantra to yourself.  Saying it frees up your mind to relieve that habitual thought pattern. Instead, you might find you replace those “wanting” thoughts with ones of gratitude for what you already have.

– TaraMarie Perri

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