On the Mat: The Big Question


Why do you practice yoga?

I am always interested to hear why people come to the mat time and time again to practice yoga. There are a variety of responses to this question, so I thought it might be interesting to ask and see what you had to say.

The yoga practice is so supportive of each of us meeting ourselves where we are. It also has the capacity to become a lifetime companion as our needs change and as we grow in understanding its wisdom.

I’ll get the ball rolling.

Presently, I find I am coming to my mat for steadiness and balance. I need the time and space the mat provides to be alone, observe, and restore my energies so I can reconnect with others off the mat. But I remain open to surprises in each practice.


Why do YOU come to the mat?

– TaraMarie

6 Responses to “On the Mat: The Big Question”
  1. Maia says:

    It’s ground zero. A starting point and a target at the same time. Through the years I’ve practiced, it has evolved into so many different facets that continuously amazes me – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. And when I explore these facets, I feel peace. Even for a few hours on the mat, knowing it exists, it’s enough to take with me for the rest of the day.
    Though I prefer to just do yoga all day long really. 😉

    Yoga is an embodiment of who we are, of who we can become, and of something far greater than ourselves, conspiring in all its expressions and manifestations leading us into true realization.
    Engaging post! Namaste. =)

    • mindbodybrew says:

      Maia, thank you for sharing. Yes, evolution is a huge part of it. I listed just one reason above why I have recently been coming to the mat. But over the years there have been so many and it is the “facets” as you say that make it possible to connect to what you need. It is a rich space to spend time. Glad you love your practice too!

  2. Liz Montgomery says:

    As dancers, we can very easily get caught up in all that our body isn’t, in all that it can’t do. Yoga has always been a place for me to accept, accept, accept, and not in a way where I’m resigning myself to something, but instead genuinely celebrating all that I am capable of.

  3. Liz says:

    In the past few years I have found my hunger for the mat and my practice there constantly growing, for more reasons than I can list here. These days I return to my mat again and again in an effort to find balance – in my body physically, my mental and emotional bodies, and in a larger view, that play between effort and ease that continually arises in the moments that compose my life as a whole. There is a simple moment that often arises at the end of class – that final seated moment that transitions us from our practice on the mat to our practice off – when we can choose how we place our hands on our thighs. Do I need more grounding with the palms coming to rest, or do I need that energizing gesture of the palms facing the sky? So simple, yet so powerful. Choices like these on the mat help me find the middle path as best I can through my day and lead me into deeper connection with myself. Here’s to much, much more….

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