On the Mat: Luxurious Sun Salutations


With technology revving our nervous systems up to unimaginable speeds, there are even more reasons to slow down.

Why not start with your surya namaskar or sun salutations?

I am in a beautiful place on a creative retreat and was able to witness a sunrise this morning. I can see the entire horizon line clearly here. This is a particular treat for me as a New Yorker since the complete horizon view is always interrupted by buildings; you can never get that first glimpse of the moment the sun peeks over the edge.

This morning I watched the slow transformation of the sky and clouds and water from night into day. It takes a long time, and each moment brings a new color or shadow or sliver of light. Once the sun itself peeks over the edge of the horizon, then there is still more to watch as the full body of the sun comes into view and rises into the sky. Always moving and creating change in the world it is shining light upon. Such a luxurious journey!

So why would we practice the salute to the sun in a pace that does not honor its majestic rise into the sky? Slowing down the breath will make the moments in between the postures seem richer. You can notice the pathway and the transformation of your body as you move with grace and awareness. Give into the luxury of slowing down your sun salutations. Take a cue from the sun. Move your body and mind in line with the wisdom of nature.

– TaraMarie

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