On the Mat: Where You Are When In Flux



In the last post, we learned about the instabilities we might experience as inhabitants of the earth when the seasons transition to Spring in our region. Changes and new growth are happening but not without hard work. We might feel a bit unstable as a result of fluctuations in temperatures and weather patterns. As promised, here is the first tip for your practice to support you during this time of the Spring juncture, March 21 – April 7.

All planets have an axis that they rotate on. Here is an image of the Earth’s axis.


Perhaps you have another planet that is your favorite.  You can be that one instead.


Or perhaps, you looked at that image of our solar system to pick a planet and decided you would rather be the sun. Again, this would make you a center axis around which the planets rotate and make circular pathways.

Saturn is also a wonderful image in this regard with its rings wrapping around the core planet.


After you have selected your spherical image with an axis or center (bubbles, beach balls, or umbrellas can work too), imagine you become it. You can do this breath awareness/visualization lying down on your back or even in a restorative version of Fish Pose (Matsyasana), supported with blocks or a bolster to elevate the heart.  The important part is that you reach your arms out to a “T” to indicate the width of your body as well as the length that stretches from head to toes. Your energetic spine from head to toe is the axis and your arm reach indicates all the space you can reach to that wraps around you in 3D space.

Begin to locate your breath cycle.  Watch it for a few rounds until it begins to become steady and more even in the lengths of inhales and exhales.

Visualize on an inhale that you get longer on your axis, exhale you get wider into the space. On the inhale grow from head to toe and toe to head, exhale your arm reach expands. Inhale length, exhale width.

Then, switch the breath focus.

Inhale to grow wider into your sphere, exhale to imagine length on the axis. Inhale across the collar bones, exhale long on the spine. Inhale width, exhale length.

Continue with several more breath cycles either repeating both coordinations or selecting one that supports you best and work with it more deeply.  On a particular day, one or the other coordination might appeal more so be open to that changing with each practice.

Use the breath visualization to smooth out the rough edges in your body and mind. At any time during the juncture, you can stop, pause and remember this expansive work. Most importantly, when flux enters your space and you feel like all of the movement of Spring is tossing you around with it, you can remember your breath. Your breath will locate you amidst the chaos.

The breath is where you are when in flux!

– TaraMarie

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