Happy almost-but-not-quite Spring!

Nothing like an unexpected snow flurry just two days after a bright sunny day when many of us sat at outdoor cafes to remind us that Spring is almost-but-not-quite here. One day I don a lighter jacket and scarf and the next, full sleeping bag jacket coverage.

Ayurvedically-speaking, seasonal transitions are a time when the planet is in flux. It is time for Earth’s inhabitants to readjust to new surroundings, light, temperatures, and foods. During these transitions, it is also a common experience to sense a certain flux in our work, bodies, minds, and interpersonal relationships.

According to my Ayurvedic teacher, Rebecca Dietzel, Spring brings about a regeneration of our bodies. Similar to the growth we see in our outside surroundings, such as new flowers and cleansing rains, our body is creating new, healthier cells and cleansing itself of waste.

We are just about to enter the period of time when our region on the planet Earth is transitioning. And so are we.

We could spend the next few weeks being frustrated by the fluctuating temperatures, wild winds, and bright sunshine. Instead, we should embrace each of those elements in their various mixtures during the weeks to come as a very special time when we can truly remember how humans are made of this earth. Our micro day experience is actually part of a larger master plan, led by the wisdom of Mother Earth.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will share some tips for your yoga practice to support you during our transition into Spring.

– TaraMarie

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